Mortgage Account Review for Virginia Borrowers

Is your mortgage company following all of the rules when it comes to handling your mortgage? D’Lima Law, LLC can provide a comprehensive review of your mortgage account, whether you’re in forbearance, facing foreclosure, or just have concerns. We can also review documents and answer questions if you don’t need a full audit of your mortgage loan.

Is your bank or mortgage servicer following all of the rules when it comes to your mortgage?

Banks and mortgage servicers are bound not only by state and federal laws, but also by the language of the contracts that you signed with them.

Common issues include misapplying payments, inaccurate accounting, charging unallowable or illegal fees, failing to make disbursements from escrow for insurance or property taxes, and “dual tracking” loans (moving forward with foreclosure while a loan modification application is pending).

You have the right to file a Qualified Written Request, or QWR, with your lender or mortgage servicer. This QWR can include a Request for Information, such as asking for certain documents or more information about your account; a Notice of Error, asking the lender or mortgage servicer to make a correction; or both.

If you want attorney-led expertise on your side, D’Lima Law can help. We will request your full mortgage account information, also called a mortgage servicing file, and review the information and documents we receive for correct accounting and compliance with all applicable laws and rules. We will then provide you with our detailed analysis report, including whether we think there are any issues, and if so, possible next steps.

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Affordable representation tailored to your needs.

We offer easy-to-understand pricing, so there's no surprise or hidden costs.

You can select to have a comprehensive review and analysis of your mortgage loan account, or we can just review a document or research and answer a question.

Full-Service Representation

Request & Review Complete Mortgage Servicing File and Provide Detailed Analysis.
(Additional services beyond review and analysis require additional payment.)

First Mortgage Loan $1250
Additional Mortgage Loan(s) + $750 each

Limited-Scope Representation

Document- or task-based representation.

Document Review: $100 base fee + $10 per page
Research a Question or Other Task: $100 base fee + $100 per hour
(minimum retainer of $500,
any unused portion will be refunded)

Our virtual services make representation easy and convenient.

No need to travel to an office or waste time waiting. You get representation wherever you are in Virginia, whether it’s in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, or anywhere else in the state. All of the work is done via phone, email, mail or video conference.

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