Home Purchaser or Seller Representation

If you're looking to buy or sell a home, D'Lima Law, LLC can guide you through the process, review with you the documents involved in a way that you can understand, and explain to you your legal rights and obligations.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

Whether you are a buyer or a purchaser of a home, there's a lot happening all at once in a short time period. Plus, you need to review and sign a lot of complex documents. It can feel overwhelming, especially if it's your first time buying or selling a home.

D'Lima Law can help. We can guide you through the purchase or sale process, review the documents involved and help you understand what you're signing, and explain your legal rights and responsibilities.

We represent only your interests throughout the process.

I contacted her through my internet research who is a local for my first time home purchase. Ms. Smith promptly replied and jumped on to reviewing my accepted offer. She meticulously prepared notes for every document she reviewed and explained legal terms and proposed languages/texts for various requests through the contingencies. Ms. Smith was available to my questions by emails, calls, and a couple of virtual meetings and was on top of all due dates and requirements I needed to meet through the process. When extra push and reminders were needed to deal with an unresponsive sellers’ agent, Ms. Smith quickly acted on my behalf and resolved relevant issues immediately. I highly recommend Ms. Smith to anyone who needs legal representation for real estate transactions. I am glad I decided to get her support. It gave me a piece of mind knowing that her expertise was there through my journey. - Client Review

Affordable representation tailored to your needs.

We offer easy-to-understand pricing, so there's no surprise or hidden costs.

You can select to have full representation throughout the home purchase or sale process, or we can just review a document or research and answer a question.

Full-Service Representation

Representation from offer to closing.

Flat Fee: $1500

Limited-Scope Representation

Document- or task-based representation.

Document Review: $100 base fee + $10 per page
Research a Question or Other Task: $100 base fee + $100 per hour
(minimum retainer of $500,
any unused portion will be refunded)

Our virtual services make representation easy and convenient.

No need to travel to an office or waste time waiting. You get representation wherever you are in Virginia, whether it’s in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, or anywhere else in the state. All of the work is done via phone, email, mail or video conference.

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Please note: D'Lima Law, LLC is not a Real Estate Settlement Agent and cannot conduct closings.