Political Law

D'Lima Law represents clients throughout Virginia and the United States with Political and Government Compliance.

Campaign Regulatory Compliance

D'Lima Law augments and serves political campaigns for formation, finance structuring, and staff political practices coaching to keep your team educated and polished.

  • Political Campaign Organization Formation
  • Political Campaign Finance
  • Political Coaching
Government Employment Scenarios

D'Lima Law assists government employees with ethics, professional, and governmental employee standards at the Federal, Virginia, and Local arenas.

  • Government Employee Legal Advocacy
  • Government Employee Legal Representation
  • Government Employee Post-Action Corrective Legal Assistance
Lobbying and Foreign Registration

D'Lima Law assists with reviewing compliance, regulatory standards, and legal representation of:

  • Nonprofits
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Business Industry
  • Labor Union
  • Trade Associations
  • Professional Associations
  • Government Lobbyists
  • Foreign Government Agents from around the globe who desire to operate in the United States.