Personal Injury Law & Litigation

Let D'Lima Law, LLC help you get the compensation that you deserve for your personal injury or property damage claim, including auto accident, defamation, identity theft, and assault claims.

Physical Injuries & Property Damage

If you've been harmed by the negligent or willful actions of another, D'Lima Law can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

  • Slip and Fall
  • Products Liability
  • Toxic Torts and Mold
  • Injuries by Artificially Intelligent or Robotic Controls, Processes, or Systems
  • Destruction of Personal or Business Property
  • Infliction of Harm by an Animal (Nonhuman/Nonrobotic Actor)
  • Unwanted Physical Contact, Sexual Assault, Physical Abuse, and STIs/STDs
  • Assault, Battery, and Malicious Wounding
  • Severe Bodily Injury, Trauma, and Disfigurement
  • Wrongful Death
Transportation-Based Injuries

One of the most common sources of injury-based lawsuits is transportation, especially automobile accidents. Injuries can easily happen while we're moving from place to place, whether in our cars, on our motorcycles or bikes, or using public transport. D'Lima Law can help if you've been injured.

  • Automobile Accidents and Vehicular Damage
  • Pedestrian and Jogging Injuries
  • Bicycle and Self-propelled Device Accidents
  • Motorcycle and Moped Accidents
  • Unlawful Towing and Possession (City, County, Residential HOA, Commercial, etc.)
  • Boating Injuries and Maritime Incidents (Recreational Vehicles and Fishing Boats)
  • Aircraft Crashes and Aviation Incidents
  • Public Transportation Incidents (Amtrak, VRE, Mid-Atlantic Regional Commuter Rail Systems, Buses, Carpool Passengers)
Civil Privacy & Defamation Claims

Our privacy and reputation are important, especially in our increasingly interconnected world. D'Lima Law can help if you have been the victim of defamation or an invasion of your privacy.

Neglect and Abuse

Our loved ones can be hurt by caretakers that act negligently or even with willful, harmful purpose. D'Lima Law can help them get the compensation they deserve.

  • School and Daycare
  • Adult and Senior
  • Nursing Home
Other Claims

D'Lima Law can assist with include suing the government or Virginia for harm done. D'Lima Law can also assist with "qui tam" lawsuits, which are lawsuits brought on behalf of the federal or Virginia government by an insider with knowledge of fraud or misdoings by a company.

  • Racial, Religious, or Ethnic Harassment, Violence or Vandalism
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Tortious Interference of a Contract
  • Virginia Tort Claims Act (Personal Injury and Property Damage)
  • Federal Tort Claims Act (Personal Injury and Property Damage)
  • Qui Tam Lawsuits
  • Harm to an Animal